Adsense Rejection! How to get out of it

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This should not be the end of your blogging career neither should you be discouraged when you face Adsense rejection.

I have been there, mine was funnier because the reason was, I was rejected was not actually true

Invaluable Contents

The Adsense Crew response was that my blog didn’t meet up to their policies due to the quality of my blog contents,! Wow, but as crazy as it may seem, I wrote those posts, it took me a lot of man-day hours to research and make those posts, yet here they are, saying its scrapped contents.

Adsense Rejection dashed my hope on Blogging

I nearly stopped blogging because I wasn’t ready for Affiliate marketing.

Each time you’re rejected After applying for Adsense, can you guess how it feels? It felts like ” there is no need” anymore to continue writing blog posts! Oh yeah, it hurt more than relationship heart breaks because the Adsense program is the best contextual system anyone can monetize his blog with.

 No offense to other contextual ad platforms out there but the truth must be spoken!

You and I know that Adsense Program is the most reliable and easy way even novice bloggers can start raking in cash especially if your blog can attract a handful of visitors.

I decided to create this post in order to help you excel through these setbacks in your quest to making reasonable income online using Adsense Ad revenue system.

Here are 5 things you must do before you can re-apply for AdSense Again.

Pull down most posts and graphics.

This is definitely the first thing you should do, why because I learned this the hard way, I made some posts where I copied from some sources, in as much as I gave credits to the source yet google penalized me.

Your going to have big ‘Wahala’ if your niche is more of news and gossip niche because entertainment or News related posts are always “copy and paste”! There is no way you’re going to manufacture your own news, so you will copy from another source.

Here is my advice:  if your blog was rejected because of scrapped contents ( which means you plagiarized or copied from other writers ) just remove every post associated with those sources,  Hey don’t get me wrong,  do not delete it just set them all as draft, you can re-post after your application is accepted.

Write on Another Niche 

Sometimes AdSense Rejections is because you are doing anything wrong, but some niche such as entertainment or news niches are always saturated. try writing on Education; maybe scholarship opportunities, ensure you can use your creativity to craft up-to 500+ words article

Another niche includes

Health: e.g.  Healthy living posts, how to get rid of stretch marks, how to lose good weight,

You can do it, to get the info, visit any good health or Edu blog, read some post to digest,

Try to write yours as a student, I didn’t say copy or lift some parts. Let every word be yours but let it convey the same meaning as the source or you may even add extra updates especially if you were reading from multiple sources.

At the end of the whole exercise ensure your you have up-to 10 posts that are 500+ words and have 2 pictures (one as featured image and the other inside the post)

On graphics and images, you shouldn’t use the pictures you saw in the other posts where you got the inspiration to write.

In order Avoid piracy or property infringement try to use royalty-free image and there are many sites where you can get free Stock graphics

Blog Navigational Pages and Theming

As the trend of SEO continuously changes, and Google continues to amend its methods of ranking sites, a recent discovery by SEO experts reveals that Google will rank site base on UI (User Interface).  The user experience is now a criterion for determining how relevant your sites are.

How the user experience is rated is based on how long someone spent on your site, it’s called bounce rate.  The longer a user stays the better your rating.

Another criterion is your navigation links

How easy is it for your users to locate, the first things you should do to limit your Adsense rejection rate is to ensure these pages are easily seen either on header or footer

“About us”: Google wants the users to know exactly who runs this blog,  a faceless blog can mean A lot,  and the aim of search engines or Adsense is not to rake in dollars alone however they want to increase legitimacy,  relevancy and reduces scams

Contact us, Terms of Service, Privacy Policies and Blog Categories links

Themes and plugins 

The final phase before you can re-apply for Adsense is for you to get a lightweight theme, for now, disable heavy plugins because it can slow down your site speed, this will increase your bounce rate and lower your site SEO or relevance,

If you have read Adsense program policies “”

Submit Your Blog to Major Search Engines. 

Install Yoast plugin or any SEO plugin, you may not understand these tricks, I did a recent test concerning Adsense rejection and approval rate, using two blogs sites each with less than unique 10 posts

I took my time to submit one blog to several search engines, created a site map, then I didn’t do the same to the other blog.

I was surprised the one that had Alexa ranking and rating because I submitted to several places, got approval by Adsense while the other blog was rejected by Google Adsense

Whatever threshold Adsense crew uses as their basis for acceptance or rejection is secretly guarded but all these guidelines are to boost your rate of Adsense acceptance.

Review Your blog by yourself 

It seems funny that am adding this last point, I have my reasons, reviewing your blog is to give yourself the first score

Read your post critically.  A great post should contain citation appropriately linked to authority websites to support whatever claim or knowledge you are passing across to your readers

Check spellings and grammar, even though you can’t be a specialist in English language but try to be sure every word you use are on point 

To be sure you’re not missing out, tell your friends to help you out

Check your site color combo, check your font, and font size, try to see how everything looks on a mobile device.

If everything comes out great.  It’s time to Re-apply for Google Adsense again

NB:  Adsense Rejection rate Differs Country by country, this is while some people use the UK or other places where fewer people are enrolled

You know Nigeria things, Poverty and Abuse have made the whites to be very strict on us. So, you may actually do everything right yet you will be rejected by Google Adsense.

In my next post, I will summarize the best Google Adsense Alternatives you can choose from if you are rejected

Anyways let me review your site for free if you think external audit.

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  • Adsense Rejection! How to get out of it - By Joshua Nwankwo - April 5, 2020 at 11:10 pm

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