When should I Apply for Google Adsense?

Google Adsense,  When is it right to Apply?

A friend of mine  who recently heard about making money online  through Google Adsense In my facebook group Asked me this question

“When should I Apply for Google Adsense?”

You know what?  It’s very exhausting explaining line by line to every new blogger on when to Apply for Google Adsense program, so am making this post as a general guide and will probably share the link to all my group members

If you don’t understand what Google Adsense means,  Here is a quick explanation ‘ it’s a program designed by Google to help anyone (Publishers)  with a good blog or web presence ( traffic)  make money,

Google achieved this by giving you a code you will place on your website,  this code will pull adverts from Google advertisers (Adwords) Relating to your niche.  So by displaying relevant adverts (ads)  on your pages Google pays you according to the traffic (impression) and clicks  your  websites generates

This is one major way people with blogs makes cool cash online,  but as nice as it sounds, not all blogs scale through the application process

Google has terms and policies which you must conform to before your sit’s can be approved

You will see these terms and conditions during your application at


I just have to pull out and rewrite a few of the terms which you should observe to get fast approval

They are simple terms and are updated on Google terms of service.

Before your application will be approved


You must have an existing website or blog

Your domain must not have been blacklisted and banned before

Your site must be accessible and the following must be shown on visiting your web page

About page,  privacy policy,  and Contact page

Your site must be mobile friendly and responsible with easy navigational menu


You must not be running any other adverts during the application process


Post and post Content

After you must have passed the “first impression matters test” stage

The second investigation conducted by Google is the kind of post and the content quality

You will get little chance at this so ensure it count,  Google does not accept Blogs or post that in the following categories

  • Violent or extremists post,
  • Abusive,  inciting,  hateful or racial discriminating posts, 
  • Google Adsense does not accept publishers posting drugs and online DIY on making explosives
  • Child pornography,  rapes,  etc

Even if you are not into these categories I listed if your site has the following you won’t see the acceptance email

Low-quality contents

A low-quality content is any post that seems irrelevant or doesn’t add value or solve any problems ( your purpose of blogging is to solve or help people)

Most of these post are auto-generated by Robots for stuffing content into your websites may be for SEO purposes but it’s a very Spammy act and Google shuns that

So ensure your writing something in trend of your niche


Please avoid too much copying from other sources or blogs,  even when you do try to give credits

Each of the posts should have at least one image with clear alt description

Use nice fonts size and make your articles are well structured and readable

Your article length should be at least 500 words per post,  the higher the better


So when should you apply for Adsense? 

It depends on you,  someone with 10 quality articles can get approved  and someone else with 10 good articles may not be approved here is the reason

Don’t create so many categories without contents instead focus on one to three categories,  if you can fill all of them with good quality articles like 5 in each (15) and list most out in your home page,

I don’t see any reason why you can’t apply and get approved


My Blog passed the first stage but got rejected the second stage

Well, such things happen to new blog without good traffic.  This is why I do advise my followers to focus more on generating quality organic Traffic

You can read this post to fix everything that had to do with SEO and Quality blogging (Simplified)

When you paste the code on your blog it’s expected that your site will generate good traffic,  google auto check this to ensure you’re getting the right kind of traffic, if yours is coming from auto clicks,  bots or programs from black hats sending massive hits to your pages,  you will be rejected


So using my checklist,  try to see if there is anything wrong with your blog,  before you apply

Have you applied and got rejected?  It could be there is something you’re not seeing,  share your story using the comment box,  I may try to review your site to help





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