Atiku Abubakar and the coming to America ; Why he was not arrested ( Opinion)

Atiku Abubakar is in the United States of America

It’s no longer news that the Nigerian strongest opposition party, presidential flag bearer Alhaji Atiku ABUBAKAR, is in the United States of America (USA)

Prior to his visit to the United States of America, there has been news, rumors, allegations and secret white papers circulating on the internet on his alleged involvements in corrupt government contract deals,  which had led the US government to place him on a ban list or rather on a wanted list  Thus hindering him from  visiting  the US soil.

Be as this may be,  on 17th January two days to the much awaited presidential debate,  Mr. ABUBAKAR took the whole Nigeria by surprise,  to defile all odds, he visit the forbidden land,  while we were still trying to debunk or rather  tag such uprising as a fake news,  he went ahead to lodge in the current US presidential hotel , Going by the high powered security personnel and the US secret Service agents seen in the photographs circulating on social media,  one is left to  ponder and articulate  what had really happened and what is about to happen.

For 13 Years Atiku Abubakar, a two time Nigeria Vice President, has not been seen or heard,  going to America,  After the tenure expiration of his boss,  Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,  Atiku  and Obasanjo had been arch enemies which have extended beyond politics and some folks closer to Obasanjo once said that His boss has vowed “ Not in  his lifetime will Atiku Abubakar Ascend the throne of Presidency”

This he made good of his threat by Publishing a book ‘On my Watch’ which dealt extensively, injuriously and stealthily on the crook, the dubious and over-ambitious personality of His VP Atiku Abubakar

However, as times and seasons changes, a new era of change was birthed, which see the swearing in of the incumbent President, General Muhammadu Buhari, just like old times, Buhari fever was experienced by all and sundry.

Economic recession, high profile corruption, insecurities, extreme poverty, high rate of unemployment became another yardstick to measure the promised change,

It’s also on records that Obasanjo played a very vital role in the making of this current wind of change. 

While the Change chanters are preparing to send Nigeria to either the next Level of Success or Next level of doom depending on which section of the tribe or divide you are from.

Olusegun Obasanjo a once arch enemy of Atiku Abubakar has buried the hatchet with his VP and re-aligned his interest with Atiku, prior to this comeback

He has openly and several sworn even in the media on how God and Nigeria will never forgive him if he allows Atiku becomes a president in his lifetime,

However, indeed politics is a game of interest, Obasanjo with his political clout has single-handedly endorsed his once enemy as against his Old change which is about to enter the next level.

The traveling to the United States by Atiku was planned and orchestrated to rubbish the one heavy punch tool the APC government has used to whittle down the political prowess of Mr. Atiku Abubakar by insisting he is on the US wanted list due to corruption.

Secondly, this has scored him a good political point for as an  opposition leader, especially in the upcoming Presidential Debate.

Another thing this development has achieved is to diffuse the rumor and news fast spreading online on why Atiku cannot become the president, or why anyone should not vote for him.


Why Atiku Abubakar Could not have been Arrested

Atiku and the Senate President Saraki in USA
PDP Presidential aspirant, Atiku Abubakar alongside Senate President, Bukola Saraki in USA. [PHOTO CREDIT: Official twitter handle of Reno Omokri]
America as of today is run and managed by a onetime alleged racist and Islamophobia, while president Donald Trump has a strong stance on corruption, terrorism, and extreme Islam, Africa as a continent reek of all the above-stated vices,

Libya is an example of neglect and bad judgment by Obama Administration,  Trump,  had always seen Africa as toxic dumping site which needs a proper manager to contain the implosion or explosion that can indirectly lead to an upsurge in global crisis,   terrorism,  and more illegal migration into the US or her sister countries.

For Africa to be contained, Nigeria has a greater role to play, Trump has never hidden his disdain for Buhari as it was once alleged that he instructed his aids not to let him meet someone as ‘lifeless as Buhari‘ and since then Buhari has not been seen or heard associating or meeting him again.


For the interest of the greater good and a choice between the two evils, one has to assume that Trump will choose the lesser evil in order to reduce, control, and regulate the secessionist uprising,   extrajudicial killing, abuse of powers,  high corruption, crime against humanity,  Boko Haram,  extreme poverty and high rate of unemployment.

Just like ex-US President Barrack Obama, Trump will have a person and political interest on who will control the affairs of Africa,  going by the antecedent of Obasanjo and the goodwill being enjoy by Atiku among the youths who are the highest decided factor in this upcoming election,  Donald Trump and America are making sure that whoever emerges will be a more friendly and diplomatic president and Atiku possess such trait.

Arresting or detaining the only individual who stands the chance to wrestle power from the incumbent president at this critical period of time, will be a wrong option that can spell doom on Africa and can give rise to more crisis  Dictatorship, an upsurge in crime,  and violence,  Libya is a case study.

In as much as Atiku ABUBAKAR is not untouchable,  with the lobbying of ex. presidents,  generals,  senators, and some ally countries,  America has aligned her interest in ensuring that Africa most important election will be successfully conducted without crisis,  therefor Arresting Atiku ABUBAKAR will only Give the incumbent president an easy ride to victory because if Trump will work with Africa,  he must work with a president that can at least understand his language without interpretation.



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