How to Copy from Other Blog Source and Still Rank Great

copy from another Blog Source

Copying and plagiarism have always been a long battle most bloggers faces each day, as a mater of fact, in news and gossip industrial, copying other sites post is unavoidable, “news is  news and should be reported on how it happened”, 

However Copying from other blogs also has its own effects on your Search engine position, to a great extent if you are running Google ads or trying to build a good Search Engine Ranking using Organic search, you must try to be careful on how to copy from any source . In this blog, I have just list out a small easy tricks you can adapt in order to avoid Google harmer falling on your blog


Read the Blog and Understand it first

Yeah, we would want to look so dummy and daft while we were trying to explain a concept , if you wish to copy from another Blog source, you must at least read the post to fully understand what the writer is saying.

I know you will be wondering why I said this as the first point? I have seen a situation whereby someone copied another a source without reading , the name of the person and the sites where all written over the post even some references to older post which wasn’t what the copier (lol) was interested to pass across his readers

Start with your Own Summary when ever you copy from Other Blog Sources

Did you remember I told you to read and understand first? this is why !!!  How can you summarize what you have never read? its impossible, but now my question is why should you write a summary?

Verbatim Copy -paste Scenario will severely hurt your SERP’s because Google has evolved and now ranking is based on originality, site authority and other factors such as higher number of good back links, social media shares e.t.c,

When Google bots crawl your website, they will compare your contents with other billions of web pages in their database, most times newer sites with copied contents are panelized here, this is because the major aim of Search engines is to provide relevant and great answers to users queries, so if you had copied from an old existing web blog, the most simple way to avoid Low ranking is to  figure a way to re-write most of the important highlights of the post

When you write your own summary, Google will appreciate you the more , this also shows that even though you copied from another  blog source, you must have updated the article with good curated facts and figures 


Use a different Image and Info graphics

the Next thing is to try figure out where to get great graphics and images relating to the topic you copied from another source,

Images and graphics speak a thousand word, and images too will enhance your SEO when you optimize it effectively, ensure you can find loyalty free IMAGES , I alway get some free images from, you can also take some shots using your mobile phones,

Ensure you name the image with your post keyword, ensure you use good ALT ( Alternate Text) this is great for visually impaired or screen readers which will enable Google to match images images with related contents


Write you own Conclusion

Finally this is where you should add other extended research or more juicy facts the previous writer may not had written on, this will be like an improvement to an already exiting facts and of course who wouldn’t like an improvement to exiting status quo?  So when you copied from another source , always write few paragraphs of concluding , this should come from your own knowledge of the subject matter


Give Credit and Links

This is the final part of the post where honor is given to whom its due, this is not just stating how genuine tour work is, it also encourages back-link building, if your using wordpress, your blog will ping those blogs and they may in turn reciprocate by linking back to you! I don’t need to explain to you on how important it is to have good backlinks from big blogs. So when you wish to copy from another source or blog post , implement these simple tips and you wouldn’t be penalize rather you may see yourself ranking higher than the already existing sites especially if you utilize your on-page-SEO effectively


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