Coupon Agents – Start Reselling our e-pins

Be our Coupon Agents to live free from debtCoupon Agents are those who buy our registration pins in large quantities and resell to intending members, as a coupon agent, you will be having a bulk discount for every 10 registration pin you buy from us,

being a coupon agent gives you direct access to your referrals and helps you to build up your arsenal faster,

you can make real income reselling our coupons to your friends, for each coupon you sell, you will be making hundred Naira

You can also make a customize coupon which makes everyone that buys your coupon will automatically be added to your account as your referred members giving you instant  N1200

When we enlist you here it gives you the chances of getting more people to your Facebook and WhatsApp groups However before you can be an agent, you must have referred up-to 10 members and will be ready to assist your people to earn

Here Are Our Accredited Coupon Vendors and re-sellers

Nwankwo Joshua



Name: Ugwu Chinedu Cosmos

Contact: +234 808 959 2695

Whatsapp group link:

Location: Lagos, Enugu.

Name: Awaji-Itimikpang Jr
Contact; 0812 685 6511

Whatsapp link:
Location: Rivers State, Port Harcourt City