How to get Free Blog Hosting from Startup Nigeria

Free Blog Hosting in Nigeria

Follow this Step to learn how you can get Free Blog hosting from Startup Nigeria

First I will be straightforward with you, Startup Nigeria is  not a web hosting company or a reseller ( but we may soon Join the league), Its an online Empowerment Platform, where you can improve more on your skills, learn ways to make more money and live a great life

Free Blog Hosting Resources for Bloggers

In order to support new online entrepreneurs especially Bloggers, we are offering a free blog hosting which is powered by a Virtual private server, this means that your blog will run faster and you won’t have to worry about CPU Usage


How to Get Free Blog Hosting from Startup Nigeria

You must be a member of this platform: This is the first step you must take in order to qualify, you can click here to learn more on How it works.

Startup Nigeria enables you to earn money while information is being passed and online training taught, This means we pay you to learn new stuff, Yes we want to reduce the high poverty index Nigeria is rated as, this year is going to be a great year if you will add another skill to the one you already have and apply it towards creating wealth

This is another reason why we are offering free blog hosting in Startup Nigeria. After you for this offer we shall conduct a series of examination through emails and WhatsApp, We will attempt to train you and help you pick the best Niche

We will build, Simple SEO and lightweight friendly blog site ( Premium Blog0). Mostly we will develop it using WordPress platform however if we will give you the privilege to choose between Google Blogspot or Self-hosted WordPress.

Therefore in order to get a free blog hosting from Startup Nigeria:

  • You must be a member
  • You must have earned from the system and then learn one or two skills from us when your rank is in the Final Stage, you will see the Apply for the free blog link

Then we shall get on with the blog creation

NOTE: You will adhere to our terms and conditions in order to continue being on our servers



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