Getting The best out of the New Year

new year plan

This New year 2019 is going to be one of the most exciting and record-breaking years for us entrepreneurs but one remarkable  event we all are waiting for is the 2019 Presidential Election

Oh, yeas this election will affect everything, either positively or negatively, it all boils down to the winner, The Peoples Democratic Party Aspirant Alhaji Atiku Abubakar  Vs the incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari,

Both of them hails from the northern part of Nigeria, and are also Muslims this will bridge of  divide Christain and Muslims equation, However where the real battle line has been drawn is between the Major old eastern Nigeria was now known as the South East ( 90 Igbos by tribe) and the Western Nigeria ( South West) which is predominantly christ0muslim in demographical report.

Having said that, one major thing every patriotic Nigeria is seeking from any of the emerging winners in the forthcoming elections are; candidates who will have the political clot and sagacity to implement or actualize all the electoral promises

But as an ordinary Nigerian we are, am sure you will not have high hopes on any politician this times around, especially after hearing the audio of the minister of Transportation Mr. Rotimi Chubike Amachi.

Nigeria of our dreams starts and ends within you, Nigeria will be better again but we can’t wait forever for it to happen, you as an individual should create that ” better ” Atmosphere you’re looking for, and how can you achieve that without a roadmap?

Set Attainable Goals: This year is fresh from this January Set real achievable goals, ist true that we should dream big, but break that big dream to smaller chunks of achievements, let say you wish to buy a car this year, don’t sit down hoping that all the funds will fly into your account,

CONSIDER READING AFTER  Now That Buhari has won, What Next?

Set a target goal of things you will do to get so so and so amount, go find out how much the car cost. then set a deadline if the price is N200,000 you can say by April I need to have about 70k in my account and this means  Jan-April in each month I should try to raise up 2ok per month and in a month I should save 5-7k per week, 1k

So in Summary as an entrepreneur , Get your notebook ready, list out those things you wish to achieve this 2019. After the listing, you should prioritize the visions into needs and wants

Needs are those neccesities which you will depend on to survive or thrive well this year, it could include house rent, School fees, bills for medical checkup e.t.c. however, there are other things that are tagged as “wants”

WANTS: These are tools, stuff that will enhance our livelihood but even without them we can still live, these are often seen as luxury, in this case, a car be a  need for someone who is into transportation business and a “want” for someone who Just wants to own a car


  1. It is so sad that Mr Rotimi Amaechi has not come out to say something reasonable concerning the leaked tape, I think it is high time our leaders learn to take responsibilities for their actions.

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