Hot Selling Business Ideas you can Start with Low Startups(N10,000) in Nigeria

Hot Selling Business Ideas you can Start with Low Startups(N10,000) in Nigeria

2019 is going to be a very great year, very exciting especially because of the much awaited “election”.  It’s going to be one of the best years ever for entrepreneurs because money will exchange between the politicians to the masses.  would you rather allow this opportunity to pass you by? I did a brief list of 5 sharp businesses you can do and make your cash during this period  

10,000 Naira from many angles is a cool starting point, going by the economy of Nigeria things are getting hard while this pantry cash may not be a big deal to the upper cash as some may spend it on recharge card however to the average Nigerian out there we know how far some families can survive on this meager money


I want you to understand something, this is why am writing this piece of article, in order for you to stand out from the massive crowd, you will be a bit creative in your approach

Bulk SMS Services to Political Groups and Organizations

Bulk SMS business is something that has been around for a while, before now it was something a bit costly to start and you may have to pay more than 25k to officially start running yours, however, you can start that doing customize Bulk SMS business for small businesses and Politicians with 10,000 Naira

Like I said before, you need to bring in your own concept to entice your clients or customers,

A bit Tip on how I ran one successful SMS business during my school days

Around 2013 prior to my graduation from the University, I had so many financial issues because of some family uprising, this means I had to find out a quicker way to help myself to clear backlog of my school project debt I decided to run any small business that won’t affect my academics and one of the small services I ran was blk SMS business

First, I came with a small concept, I gave my service a brand, it was called ISEND-it BUSINESS SMS

I typed out one nice introduction in tiny fliers (I didn’t spend up to 500 Naira to do this)

There were some boutique and shops I use to patronize and most of them are my friends of friends,

One thing I noticed about them is that these small shops usually go to Lagos, or outside the country to purchase goods in bulk and when they are back they have an exclusive list of customers who they would love to inform about the latest for pickups

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I tapped into this opportunity explaining how my services will help them on-the-go without them wasting time to type customers numbers or using the normal phone SMS which is not professional since the SMS sender will come with their business name it was something


There are many reliable SMS websites online you can   register and log in, order for SMS credit,

How it works

Some websites   charge you 1.90k per SMS

You can charge your clients 2.5k as SMS units

Let’s Assume you manage to be handling 20 small businesses that have an average of 50 clients (you may be lucky to meet even a political party at ward or local government level

20 X 50

100 x3 = 3000 Naira now imagine you can send this message three to four times in a month

3000 x 4 = 12,000 Naira, it may seem like nothing but here was how much you really spent

SMS 1.9 x = 1900 x4 (7,600) that’s the actual cost of sending the whole SMS

For every 3000 Naira SMS, you send your gain is 1,100 (N4,400) is your gain

For a small business of 7600, you made N4,400 doing nothing like it’s said, “a journey of a thousand mile begins with a step”, do not belittle your days of humble beginning,

While I was running the business, it reaches a point I was cashing in roughly 2500 – 3000 Daily from Bulk SMS service (in a month that is like almost 90k)

(if you want to be more professional you can even own your own Bulk SMS reseller Website with 25k )


T-Shirt Customization Services

To start a T-shirt business, you don’t have to be an artist or good in drawing, it all takes creative imagination and taking up opportunity, to own your own small business venture is not a tea party, neither is it a rocket science, it takes determination and resilient not to quit, coupled with creativity,

You can size the upcoming election campaign season to bring in small cash to your pocket

Steps to get started

Join a political party (if you wish to do campaign clothes and awareness this is a must!)

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Request for services and do one sample free

How you can start the customization without a skill?

There are many ways you will achieve this

You are going to outsource everything without breaking a sweat, the first step is to get a client or know what’s in trend, let me give example, you remember the T-Shirts, “ Na them dey rush us, EFFC HERE I COME,”  these are a bit little ideas you can use to start getting real-time orders from people around

For political campaign or awareness, you must advertise your services with words of mouth to their highest authority

Cloth / T-Shirt

This is where you need to make a good choice depending on the market research and the kind of quality the group or organization wants

The kind of money they are paying will determine the quality you will go for, you can’t use the same quality for someone who paid you 1500 per shirt to some group that paid 2500 per shirt

You can go for already made clothes like BYC (for big organizations that paid you well) or

If your living in Aba, Lagos or Ibadan even in every major city there are good tailors that can mass produce cloth, polos, and t-shirts, just go to Oshodi market in Lagos  or Ariaria Market in Aba, get the right kind of materials, if it’s a polo or t-shirt they also sell the materials, the collar and buttons, your material seller can even direct you on who will do a nice job for you


This is the final Phase,

Technology has made everything easier these days, get a good graphic artist if you can’t use Corel draw on your own let him or her see your design after a good design save it on your flash

Locate any of these companies that are doing printing press, monogramming, Heat transfer etc

Inquire with them how much it will take to do heat transfer on that design to your clothes (Mass production)

You will be quite amazed that you won’t spend up to 1k per cloth

Buying of material, + sewing + printing, price might end up at 700 naira per cloth


You can also Subcontract the business to an artist, and get your own share if you don’t want to get involved in anything at all, well you need to ensure that the artist will deliver without mistakes



Sales of refreshment

This business is  not new its been done by our mothers and a lot of hawkers but the aim here is not for you to start selling or hawking by yourself,  your locality will go along way to influencing and affecting the business, for sharp return its good you start this kind in a busy area, express stopover routes and events centers or festive periods or political campaign grounds because one thing you can’t get over in human life with our without “job man must chop” you can’t take that away from humans

Get two to three boys/girls you know can do it even your younger ones, it will be under an agreement, you provide the coolers, the drinks, the sachet water, and ice blocks while they unload and go into the crowd to dispense,

In a political, church, even gathering, people will need to drink water, or extra snacks, this is where your boys will be handy

Hey do not take this for granted, I once interview these guys that hawk on the road how many much they go home daily it was an eye opener, 3-4k daily and their gains can be up to N1500 Naira.

Another advantage you will have is that you will be buying in bulk like sachet water, the bulk price is like N75-80 per bag

If you have 3 Hawkers selling for you daily, on average of 3k daily sales

3k X 3 = 9k per day, do the math in a month, you can be paying the hawkers 500 per day


Others include Fruit selling Business

You can go to rural areas buy vegetables, fruits and resell to city dwellers, while I was doing NYSC in one farm Ogun State, there is this young man that usually comes to buy pumpkin and fresh fruits from us, I once asked him how he make sales, his revelation startled me, he goes to retailers around Beggar and Lagos with a promise of supplying fruits and vegetables @ certain rate, so he buys in bulk here and supply to them and cash out his money