How it Works And How You Can Benefit from It

StartUp Nigeria mission is to mentor you towards creating another stream of income using the internet as your office.

Why We Are Different

There are two major types of income system online; Passive and Active income

While many platforms will engage you to work and work before you earn and whenever you stop working, you stop earning, Startup Nigeria has both active and passive income combo plan and as soon as you register,  When you refer people or share blog post online, it’s called active means of earning ( this is what other Platforms are known for) but we have more for you

PASSIVE INCOME (Startup Funds)

The vision behind Startup Nigeria isn’t just to earn a few bucks and go away, we want you to get the required capital to start any small business idea of your choice! and how does startup Nigeria achieve that?

When you sign up, you will have the privileged to introduce other people and your rank/earnings Changes as you introduce people, below is a break down on how it works


Basic Rank  Your Earning will be ₦1200 Per referral ( when you introduce 1-5 Person)


Super Agent earning = ₦1400 for each referral ( when you Introduce 6-10)


Active Agent Earning =₦1500 Each referral ( When you introduce 10-15)


Earn N100 for Each good Article you submitted

N5 each  for  comment and social media Sharing 

N10 Daily login

N20 Each to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Upgrade Rank

This is where it becomes beautiful, in this last phase you will need to upgrade to continue earning, but here is the catch, if you have introduced up to 50 persons in the platform and they upgrade, Lets say the upgrade fee is ₦2000, you will get 75% of all the money I.e. ₦1500 from each of the upgrades, That means 50 people upgraded you will get ₦1500 x 50 = N75,000 Passive Income


When you have entered the Final rank, you will be given an option to create your own online blog setup. Yes, we will Create a free blog design and host it for you free. (you may choose between having or

If you were trying to learn how to making money online or own your own blog like Lindaikeji , this is an offer you should not miss,

We will help you set it up and continue guiding you until you get AdSense approval, or major affiliate system that you will integrate into your blog and coach you on how to write good SEO articles. This is our own method of reducing high rate of unemployment in Nigeria.

 We Teach You How To Fish, While Will Still Give You Fish

What More can you ask for? the little payment we pay you to comment or share our blog online is just a peanut to compare with the future! so in summary, you can earn actively for each action you take (SAS)


The truth is ” if you want to really make decent earning online, you must have a good web presence,” Having a web presence includes owing a good blog, good social media handle with a lot of influence.

Be it Affiliate marketing, Internet freelancing or Selling anything online?  To make a good income from them all, everything goes back to having your own online platform

We at Startup Nigeria came up with this solution that will train you, work with you and guide you toward establishing your own online voice.


Take your time to read all the FAQ below to see how it works

What Startup Nigeria is all About

This platform is not for “ get paid to read news kind of thing”, If you do not want to own a small or medium scale business now or latter, you don’t  need to join Startup Nigeria, but if you wish to become a small Online entrepreneur maybe in less than 3-6 months’ time, Then this is definitely for you.

The aim of Startup Nigeria is for you to be trained  online and get the funds to start it without breaking a sweat.

( After your training, we will assist you create your own blog and you too can start empowering others)

When you become a registered member, you can start earning residual cash by making useful contribution in the platform such as submitting new business ideas, write on how to Startup any lucrative venture, Skills that are in hot demand or any thing that can help fellow Nigerian Start any online / offline business.

How Can I Make Money in this Platform?

You can earn in two ways:

SAS Earnings: (Startup Advert Sharing Earnings) With SAS Earnings, you will earn some chunk of our advertisement income. When you login daily to your account, submit an Article, comment on a post or share it on social media, At the end of the month, we will share our AD revenue with you.


SAR Earnings (Startup Affiliate Referral Earnings) when you become a registered member, you have automatically become a SAR Earner even when you do not refer anyone, (See how it works here)


When you refer your friends or someone joins Startup Nigeria through your affiliate link, you will earn about N1200 -N1500  instantly in your Affiliate account, and the more people you referred to join the platform, the more you will earn 1200-1500 plus other bonuses associated with your level,



After a while all the people you introduced after they have earned a lot will be encouraged to upgrade account to level 2, for Example during upgrade if they paid 2k each and you have about 50 people under you, you will get paid N1500 X50 = N75k this is good enough to start any small physical business or further invest in your existing business

How Much Can I Make in A Day or Month? SAS + SAR Earning

For each approved blog post submitted by you, you will earn N100,

You will also earn 5 Naira for each comment you made on any blog post, N5 for sharing the post in social media

How Much Can You Make In A Day?

It all depends on your active participation in the platform, here is an illustration on what you could earn in a day

2 blog post N200 + 10 Useful comment N50 + 10 Sharing in Twitter N50 + 10 sharing on Google N50 = N350 daily.

Imagine if you refer 1- 10 persons in a day, that’s like 1200 X 10 = N12,000.

Putting Together SAS Earning And SAR Earnings

SAS + SAR = N12,350 Daily (in a months’ time) = N382,850.

Without a referral, you could earn 510 x31 days = N10,850


Let’s be honest, a typical Nigerian civil servant earns about 120k monthly, if you divide it by 31 days, its N3870 Daily.

Referral Is Not Compulsory As Far As You Can Participate In The Platform Activities

NOTE: You have the option to earn by taking part in Startup NG activities daily even when you can’t refer anyone (terms and condition applied).

How Do I Get Paid To My Bank Account 

Startup Nigeria have two System of payment in relation to the type of earning

All Affiliate Earnings are paid Automatically twice in a month, every 15-17th and 27-31st of the Month(Once you earns 1k and above affiliate referral earnings, the system will automatically add you to the payout list,)


SASE Minimum Payout is N2,500, SAS Earnings are paid once in a month (28-31st) Since the SAS Earning Revenue is gotten from our Sponsors adverts placed on our site, your SAS earning may be adjusted according to our Adverts Revenue Available and often times, we may have to set an earning limit and maximum payout limit for the month in order to control abuses. The withdrawal form will be open from 26 of each month.


My Application has been Approved What Next

Once you have completed the sign-up form, you are welcome to the community and also have become an affiliate member. The first thing is to edit your Referral Profile, provide your bank account details in the payment Setting on your dashboard.

The next thing is to get started participating in the SAS and SAR activities, also tell a friend about the earning opportunity while you keep earning daily. It’s as simple as ABC and this is what you will enjoy doing in your free time and in comfort of anywhere you are using your mobile phone.

How Legitimate is this Program?

Everything in life is a test of faith and belief, while the real takers are the risk and goal getting folks, however, there must be a bit of assurance before we dabble into the realm of the unknown, this is why we ensure that we are not shadows.


Startup Nigeria is a subsidiary of Afripals Networks, a Company registered under the Nigerian Corporate Affairs RC NUMBER AB5285.


Afripals Networks have  have been in business since 2012 and still counting ( the vision of the company is to empower Africans using Agriculture and Information Technology

What Else Can i gain by Joining?

StartUp Nigeria isn’t all about earning from activities, you will be mentored on any new trend or ideas that can help you make money especially online because we believe that starting an online business is the easiest thing anyone can do even while keeping your current pay job.


When you earn from our platform, you can decide to use it to request for any of these services we offer

Blog Hosting

Web designing / Blog Creation

Fixing of blog site  issues 

Web Site Mobile App Creation and Submission to Google Play-store

You should visit our web store to find out more things you can use your earn cash to purchase, this will enable you to understand how serious and real we have come to be

Is There a Membership Fee?

How To Register And Get Started

To join StartUp Nigeria community, you obtain a one – time registration voucher   Pin of N2000 Naira only (one-time payment).

Your application will be approved automatically. So, make sure you have your N2000 Naira ready before you proceed to registration

You can also pay online using your bank details or Naira credit card, or you can purchase a registration voucher pin from the listed vendors here

Click Here to Proceed to Registration