Now That Buhari has won, What Next?

Its no longer new that president Buhari has secured another 4 years term by winning in the just concluded 23rd February election 2019 but what i really what to find out is ” Yes Buhari has won, But what Next?”

After victory comes the action, and unlike the first time wen he rode on the wings of his popularity this time around its all about competence and effective delivery that will keep his party in the system after the expiration of his tenure

Many people are wondering what we all should expect in this Next Level promise, Would it be a next level of Hunger and poverty or a NEXT LEVEL of economic Progress and poverty alleviation, 

Nigeria is now number one on world list of people living under extreme poverty, and a lot of things have rally gone wrong do to reckless management of past and present crop of political class but one question that has lingered and left unanswered is ” WHAT NEXT?”

Its not enough to secure victory in the poll how do you implement or avoid the repeat of some of the mistakes your administration had done in the last 4 years?

what are your economic blue prints, enough have been said on reshuffling you cabinet but this time around will it take another 6 months to inaugurate or are we going to see list of corrupt tagged individual hovering around your cabinet Mr president?

70 Percent of average Nigerian believe that you have the best interest at heart for this country but sometimes your actions or inaction’s says otherwise,

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Nigeria and Nigerians are known to be emotional, forgiven and patient people and this is the more reason why any politician even with little efforts will secure the  heart loving interest of her.  But instead of acting as a strength, our political class has abuse this virtue using it as a weapon to suppress and subjugate justices

Its time we Nigeria wake up from this slumber of ethnic and religious divide, its time we hold our political elites accountable, see beyond tribes or religion affinity, for a dreamed Nigeria to be achieved the populace muse be conscious of what the leaders are doing and be ready to defend our democracy,

A Nigeria of our dream is Ours to build, what you the little neglects of today can be the big disaster of tomorrow. Its Time to Rebuild Nigeria to the NEXT LEVEL free from corruption, extreme poverty and mismanagement .


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