Palm Oil Business! How you can Make 200k to 1m reselling it in 2019

Palm Oil Business

Do you know that one of the past governors of Abia State Dr. Orji Uzor kalu Started Selling oil palm?

This is an offline business opportunity that is will blow your mind, even I myself have neglected this opportunity until one of my close fried reveled to me how he was smiling to bank each season with enough Ego! ( Money), See my friend we don’t need to do yahoo yahoo or rituals in order to create wealth, if you really need to make clean 200k – 1,000,000 Naira legitimate within 4-6 months couple with less stress then continue reading, I am going to show you how you can start Palm Oil business with little capital ( between 50k and above) and make really big money

I will show you where to buy it @ lowest rate

How you can transport it and preserve it for a longer period of time

The places to lookout for selling and how you can even deliver it to people far from your location


Oil palm is the red juice extract from Palm kernel  its very rich in vitamins and minerals, oil palm is the most consumed home commodity after rice and Garri in Nigeria, its used domestically for various cooking and industrially for a lot of products this have put palm oil in high demand

The return on investment in this business is 100 percent because its something that is always in demand, the funny thing is that starting this business is less stressful and so many people do not now,

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How to Start palm oil Business

I assume you would like to test the business in order to satisfy your curiosity on how viable this business is? Yes of course that is how every real business man / woman will do.  Let me assume you would like to try this business with N50,000

Where to Source for your Oil palm reselling Business?

The oil palm producing states are  Enugu, Ebonyi, Imo, Ondo, Edo, Cross River, Delta, Akwa Ibom, Ekiti, Bayelsa, Rivers, Anambra, Oyo, Abia, Edo and Ogun State. Where can you get the best palm oil ? the best places to get a good grade palm oil is Ebonyi, Edo, Imo and Abia State

Try to reach out on Facebook your friends from around these area or join one farmers group but I will advise you to do the findings yourself as no fellow entrepreneur would want to help you without added his own share ,

Your aim is to buy this product during the peak season and resell it off peak, this is the surest way to increase its returns but you can still be reselling in smaller quantity till the,

With 50,000 Naira you can buy about 8 keg of palm oil especially if you go directly to the oil mil you will get it as low as 5500 per 25 liters ( can buy you upto 9 kegs) ,

How to Transport it to you location

I know you would ask me this question, fear no more, all you need to do is to go to all these big transportation companies that goes by night bus, the fee is quite cheap, if you have your own transportation system it will be great!

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How to Store your palm oil

Remember your aim is to resell this product and make you cash so you should be very conservatives when it comes to storing it

Time to Sell,

I guess this is the point where your waiting for, how to cash out big reselling palm oil right? Usually palm oil is surplus around December to April so during this period you should be stocking up your arsenal but around July to November you can sell at sells at the highest rate

You can sell a keg between N10,000 to 20,000 depending on the season so imagine you bought only 8 kegs @ 6,000 do the math at lets say average sales 13,000 = 104k total Sales and your profit is N54,000! So let me ask you which business can you start with just 50k and be making 5k monhly? I said  montly because I used the sales price of when its surplus , if we go by the time of scarcity you should be selling it around 15-20k Clean and legit


Where can you sell it

One fear factor that stops a lot of people from entering any business is the fear of not selling or deposing the product, so here I hear you ask What if I don’t know anywhere to sell it or I am not ready to start going around Looking for buyers, my dear, technology is one beautiful thing that has happened to mankind, here is how you can sell it so easy without breaking a sweat,

Register at Jumia as a business seller, Register at Konga, Register at Jiji, Post it free on Nairastreet. All you need is to snap the pictures and upload on these sites , see its very real people will start calling you and if you want to deliver to them

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Use some of these early morning transportation system ( if your selling on Jumia and Konga , the company will do the logistics for you, all they will need from you is to ensure product availability