How you can Startup a lucrative Fashion Business in Nigeria with Low capital

Fashion Line business, How to Start up

How you can Startup A lucrative Fashion Business in Nigeria with a Low capital? Worry No more,

Fashion they say is a way of life but when you turn it to business fashion becomes life!

Cloths and Wears come to your mind whenever you hear about fashion isn’t? but that’s far from it

Fashion encompasses a lot of segments such as makeup/makeover, Perfume, cosmetics, jewelry, and accessories name it, anything that will enhance one’s appearance is called fashion but, in this topic, I am going to focus majorly on cloth lines because I know this is where much interest is


How do I Startup A lucrative Fashion Business a Novice?

This is the most tasking and daunting question every startup face, yes there are a lot of brands out there trying to swallow up any new idea with their own concept, but here is where wisdom is profitable to direct you


Make A survey and find out what’s Trending

Oh yes desire to be like those brands, follow all these Brands on Social media especially on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, try to understand how some of their designs are responded to and how their followers like the concepts


In this era of technology and social media, being successful as a fashion designer is much easier compared to 90s where you have to struggle your way up. Starting a fashion business in Nigeria will not only make you mind-boggling figures, but it’s also likely to make you a celebrity provided your play your cards well

All skill base ventures such as barbing, footwear, sewing etc. entail you to acquire training. You also need an amazing skill to excel in this fashion business. If there’s a major determinant of whether you’ll succeed or not, then it’s your level of ability and creativity.

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Starting a fashion design business in Nigeria is easy, the only hard work is the training process where you have to enroll in a fashion design institute. Most prospective fashion designers make the mistake of enrolling with these roadside tailors who are far behind the current fashion trends.

Learning from professionals will equip you adequately. Apart from learning how to handle the sewing machine and how to cut cloths, you’ll be able to invent new designs and styles that might end up making you a fashion celebrity. This training can last for six months to a year. Find a good fashion institute and enroll immediately this will help you to Startup a lucrative fashion Business


Like I already said, fashion business in Nigeria is a lucrative venture because everyone wants to look good and feel a sense of belonging. Nobody wants to look left out of the fashion trends. If you can start this business, you’ll be making not less than N100,000 a week. The only problem is usually meeting the target audience. However, if you promote your fashion business well, you’ll discover that you need extra hands to cope with demand.

The cost of making a well-designed cloth here in Nigeria is over N15,000. These roadside tailors charge not less than N5,000 for these outdated clothes that are no longer trending. Let’s assume you’re able to produce about 4 cloths at the price of N10,000. That’s about N40,000. Imagine how much you’ll be able to make in a week. Fashion Business in Nigeria is among these untapped business opportunities yet to be exploited.

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The aim of every business person is to grow to tremendous heights. As a fashion designer, you can become a celebrity and become an icon in the fashion industry. Believe me, the benefits of hitting the limelight is mouth-watering. That’s when you will discover that you can sale crappy clothes for over N400,000. I am sure the question running on your mind now is HOW? Let me show you how.

Shoe Fashion Accessories

How to Promote Your New Fashion Business Brand


This will be the first step to discovery. Setting a blog is not costly at all. With N35,000, You can have a professional looking blog within a day. This blog will serve as your online home, a place where potential clients can browse through different designs. You might want to contact us in case you need such an awesome blog or website.


This is where over 70% of your target customers are. The earlier you start gathering followers, the closer you are in being a fashion celebrity. You might ask, “ How do I attract followers?”

It’s not really that hard. Here are a few tips that will help you build Instagram followers fast.

  • Post pictures of your amazing works always. Also, make sure the picture is of great quality for the best result.
  • Follow popular celebrities. They will always give you an opportunity to promote your business.
  • Always leave, either a negative or positive criticism about the fashion style of a celebrity. You need exposure if you need followers.

A blog and an Instagram account are powerful enough to give you that online exposure. That doesn’t mean you should avoid other promotion mediums like Facebook ads, twitter, complimentary cards etc. Believe me, what lies ahead is too great to miss.

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Finally, To Startup a lucrative  fashion Business Requires your Intuitive creative mind and passion, I have once sent out to a friend of mine (A big sum) to make clothes for me because I know how passionate he was and how nice most of his outfit has been

Estimated Cost of some fashion Equipements

  1. Tape Rule = N50 -N100 ( Depending on the Type)
  2. Two Pairs Of Scissors = N500
  3. Needle  Pack = N150
  4. Sewing Machine = N39,000
  5. Threads = N700
  6. Weaving Machine = N85,000
  7. Embroidery Machine = N90,000

Challenges Of The Fashion Business

  • High setup costs
  • Rising costs of production
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Staying up-to-date with the trends
  • Competition

See if you are ready to start this business this year you will be surprised how people from different locations will be sending orders through social media, it’s a lucrative business every fashion enthusiast should dabble into especially upcoming graduates and underemployed


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