StartUp Nigeria Officially Commence on 4th January

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We, Will, be  opening our portal on 4th January 2019

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Constructive Comments: 

Comment boxes will be open as soon as the post is made but will autoclose after 7 days, you can reply to the post with useful comments, Your feedback will not come up live because it has to be screen and then approved.

short and unreasonable comments will be deleted and further comments may lead to deducting from your account

Sharing to Social

Right now we have integrated twitter and facebook share only to the blog post, this means that you will earn some bucks when you share


Blog Post

Yes if you have got what it takes, you can submit a nice and constructive post on the topics listed here or any other related category

Then submit your post from your dashboard, if we accept it, your SAS wallet will be credited with 100-200 Naira depending on the quality of the post.

You can also seize this opportunity to submit a nice guest post, and receive free traffic to your blog

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