WEB HOSTING SCAM !!! How Hiformance VPS Scammed us all

It has always been tough for me with mixed unsavory feelings each time I decide to open the chapters of Scam web hosting companies


Before detailing you on how we were scammed, here are some of the remarks others have to say about them

These guys are posting cheaper and cheaper deals that seem too good to be true. Well, they are.

I’ve had multiple shared VPS with them for a few months. I bought additional VPS because the first one performed so well for a couple of days. Big mistake. Now I have given up on getting anything useful and just turned them all off.

Here’s my experience:

  • They massively oversell. You will get great performance for about a week. Then it will dive off a cliff.
  • When I say horrible performance, I mean really absolutely trash.
    • I measured CPU to be about 3x slower than a 1 GHz single-core VPS I have with Gestion
    • Disk write speeds of 30 MiB/s
    • Network transfer speeds of 50 MiB/s
  • They charge $5 for moving to a new location. The website used to advertise free location+data transfers. They removed that without notifying the customers. You are stuck on your oversubscribed node unless you pay more. They once moved me to a location I never requested, then asked me for $5 to move back
  • Incompetent support staff
    • I once specifically asked for transfer with data, they forgot my data. They actually deleted all my data…
    • They screwed up my network configuration so no outgoing traffic would work. I wasted about 4 hours finding and fixing the problem myself.
    • They will say they are doing something, but will never actually kick off the process. You have to remind them multiple times to actually do it.
  • Scammy practices. After I kept asking about the horrible performance, they admitted that it is normal for their shared VPS. They suggested I pay more and get the KVM plan. As if KVM can’t be oversold…
  • False advertisement. They are claiming 3.x kernel and docker support. The Ubuntu Linux kernel is v2.6, which does not support Docker. SOURCE LOW-END TALK
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hiformance scam
Source https://hostadvice.com/hosting-company/hiformance-reviews/

Our Money and data all gone within Days!

When it comes to Frauds and internet scams, most countries will always see Nigeria as the highest hot zone and internet fraud region,

But I am writing this post to prove you wrong, defrauding people and internet racketeering has come a long way from the whites and still persist, while most of the African nations are waking up to join the wave of technology, Advance nations such as the United States and Russia have the most deadly and feared hackers who can utilize their skills to attack, defraud and collect ransom,

In order for anyone to successfully become a world rated fraudster, you must acquire great ICT skills,

My Experience with a Virtual private server provider has proven that no country or Continent is immune to petty fraudulent individuals


December 2018 was another challenging year for us, before the floating of this project, we decide to use a virtual private server in order to sustain the traffic it will generate, VPS was our next line of action but it’s not just anyhow VPS, it should be affordable and reliable too

This was how we found Hiformance from lowendbox.com. There were a lot of affordable VPS offers in Lowendbox.com but not all of them are reliable,


We sieve through all of them until we came to hiformance, a quick Googling will return nice reviews and remarks, some of them are so convincing that you will have no other alternative than to proceed to order a hosting package

How can you in your wildest dream see hiformance as a scam host? Just check out there WHT Web hosting review, its Compelling and impressive

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After we ordered the hosting and we paid for 3 years, our site went live after a week, everything was pretty cool and before we knew it,  just one day we woke to see that hiformance had closed down without allowing her clients to back up their data let alone refunds

That was how we lost everything including our database to Scam.




  1. Whao, that’s really bad. Do these guys think about the pain or time that was invested in the project.

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