Welcome to StartUp Nigeria, Its Time to Start Making Money

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Hi there, welcome to Startup Nigeria, Well for starters, you should be asking, What’s Startup Nigeria All About right?

Here you Go, StartUp Nigeria is an online platform where you can make money while learning t new business ideas or online skills,

How can Startup Nigeria help you?

The vision behind this project is to empower young people, using the internet,

Nigeria as of today is not working the way our forefathers planned it to be, there are a lot of crisis, religious and ethnic issues and people are suffering,  while we may accept this as challenges of life and circumstances, however, we can not allow all these drain us of our God-given visions and talents

Startup Nigeria is here to help you awaken those dreams, and here are the ways we will make it happen

First, you will need to be a member,( by paying a small fee) then you will proceed to your membership panel, in this area,  We shall release materials and resources which you can utilize in many ways

New Business Skills

Startup Nigeria is not meant for just bloggers or webmasters, it’s for everyone, Agriculture, ICT or any area of life, as a new member you will go to SAS articles these posts are real-life guides and tutorials in doing many things, how to start a new business, business proposals, Business plans etc.

ICT Skills

Even with our skilled offline business, without going global you will be missing a lot, as a startup Nigeria member, we shall stand by you, help you get web presences, manage the resources for you and teach you how to generate revenue with it.

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Yeah, that’s the sweetest part of it, you will make money when you comment on any of the posts you read, you also make some cash when you share the post! Wow, isn’t this great? There is More!! You will make 1200 Naira for each person that registers through you! How about it? this is amazing and I bet you wouldn’t want to miss out

You can click here to read more on how it works and all you should know

When we say Welcome to Startup Nigeria, we are saying Welcome to new life,

With you and me helping each other, politicians will be shocked what will await them soon and Yes if we want to fix Nigeria, we  won’t fix ourselves first, then can crime and corruption reduces because a hungry man can do anything to survive