Procedures for withdrawing your SAS Earning into your local Bank Account

N/B  This process is only applicable to SAS earnings only For Affiliate Referrals Payment, it will be paid Twice in a month and you do not need to request for withdrawal before you can be paid Click Here for more

Withdrawal form will be Available on 26th of each month from 12 noon till 6PM, if you did not meet up , you will have to wait till next month batch, this is to ensure that the system is not abuse. this will ensure seriousness and long lasting for the system

Your SAS Earnings will Auto convert to Nigerian Naira Exchange rate, this rates varies according to our Advertisement  revenue earning

We will Review all the post you shared on Twitter and Instagram so Ensure you do not delete the post , if we did not see it after review we will deny your request and deduct the cash accordingly from your wallet

If After verification and everything is OK, you will receive your payment


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